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Board Work

“The Best and Worst of Board Chairs,” Nonprofit Quarterly

Effective Board Chair-Executive Director Relationships: Not About Roles! by Mary L. Hiland, Ph.D.

Executive Directors

ED Guide to Financial Leadership - Non Profit Quarterly article. Good for new Executive Directors

Executive Directors Guide: The Guide for Successful Nonprofit Management – By Deborah Linnell, Zora Radosevich and Jonathan Spack

Daring to Lead: Recommendations for Executive Directors.pdf

Guidelines for Hiring/Transition to a New Chief Executive

The Executive Director’s Survival Guide: Thriving as a Nonprofit Leader,
Mim Carlson and Margaret Donohoe

 ‘Developing Your C-Suite,’ Dr. Nancy Atwood and Dr.Terry Bacon,
Lore White Paper

Explores how C-Level executives can use a set of tools and techniques to develop executive talent that can be self-sustaining.

Executive Transitions

TransitionGuides: Original and bountiful resource on executive transitions

'Goodbye, Hello: A Generation of Executives Reflects on Retirement and the Future of Services for Children and Youth,’ New England Network for Child, Youth and Family Services

'The Nonprofit Sectors Leadership Deficit', The Bridgespan Group

‘Tips for Successful Executive Transitions,’ Bill Coy

ToP Facilitation

The Institute of Cultural Affairs


Founders Syndrome

Founders and Other Gods by Deborah Linnell (download pdf)

Founder Transitions: Creating Good Endings and New Beginnings: A Guide for Executive Directors and Boards.
This guide examines the unique challenges presented by transitions involving founders or long-term executives. It provides clear advice for executives and their boards in confronting the complex issues these transitions present. Founder Transitions.pdf

Succession Planning

CompassPoints’s Emergency Succession Plan template (download pdf)

Building Leaderful Organizations: Succession Planning for Non-Profits.
This publication presents emergency succession planning tools (an important “risk management” practice). It offers executive directors guidance on when and how to leave an organization, and includes suggestions for boards to assure the sustainability of their organizations. Building Leaderful Organizaitons.pdf

Non-Profit Resources

Creating the Future: Online library filled with practical how-to articles for those seeking tools and techniques to expand your nonprofit results.


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