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Successful Planning for Successions and
Executive Transitions

Succession Planning

To achieve long-lasting organizational excellence, Boards and staff must attend to succession planning. Gammy Bird Consulting works with you on:

  • Mission and vision statements
  • Guiding principles and core values
  • Emergency succession planning
  • Asset-mapping of key staff and internal planning for their replacement

Executive Transitions

A sea change in nonprofit leadership is expected in the next decade. Gammy Bird Consulting manages the entire transition process from the departure of the current executive to the successful launch of the new leader.

Using our strong facilitation skills and a flexible set of practices, we guide your Board through a six-month process consisting of:

  • Thoughtful and thorough organizational assessment
  • An appropriate farewell to the departing executive
  • Matching needed leadership capabilities to the organizations’ desired future
  • A thorough search and hire
  • Helping the new leader thrive upon being hired

We couldn’t have done it without you. You made the process seem so easy, seamless and enjoyable, and we are so pleased with our hire. Thanks a million.

 ~ Non profit Board Chair

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